Watch 2017 Carnival!

Watch the Highlights from the 2017 Burns Night Carnival!

Someone has pinched one of the spare ukuleles from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s dressing room! We had a look at the CCTV footage and the culprit was seen to be… A Haggis? Hamish the Haggis’s whole family are visiting Dumfries for the festival, we need you to find all the Haggis’s and see if they were the one to pinch the ukulele. Use our clues to find all 16 Haggis’s in Dumfries before the thief gets away!
We need you to find the haggis’s and solve the mystery of the stolen Ukulele. Take a map, a clue sheet and get going!

There was a map left at the scene of the crime with the locations of all the Haggis’s in Dumfries!
See our cheat sheet for help with the hunt.

Send Haggis Hunt (@bbshaggishunt) a message of when you start and finish so we can put your time up on our scoreboard! Alternatively, you can pop into our Box Office at Theatre Royal between 10:00-16:00 Monday-Saturday to pick up a map and record your time there.

Haggis Hunt takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to complete – including snack and toilet breaks

Download the Cheat Map here!

Download the clue sheet here!


Need tickets? Click the link below… more events will be on sale soon!

Tickets can also be bought by calling 01387 271820.


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