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You can catch Tourist Tam as he cycles around the town as part of Dumfries TV.

What’s your catchphrase?

S’Happening Boy?   I think I offend people because I call everyone Boy.  Tourist Tam like I am ahead of the curve with the gender fluidity


What’s your favourite thing about Dumfries?

The people. I am pure mad about the people here.  They are really friendly.


What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened in Dumfries?

I love the story that Billy Connolly tells when he played the Drill Hall.  It is about the us having to give up all our up shoes when Bonnie Prince Charlie was marching to England.  I dunno why but I have this vision of Bonnie Prince Charlie wearing ma wee sisters stilletos.  Pure funny that!

 Tourist Tam Big Burns Supper

What’s your favourite building?

I think it was The Lyceum just at the bottom of the High Street.  I love ma films.  We had three cinemas at yin time in Dumfries ye ken!


What’s your favourite place to eat?

I loved the Doonhamer.  Ye see with a name like that ye cannae can wrong can ye.  Loved the Sun Chinese restaurant it was the first yin here.


What’s your favourite place to watch the world go by?

For me having a wee swally and sitting doon the Dock Park on the bit of grass where ye think naebody can see ye.  I’ve had some geed times singing with my pals by that river. And I love ma fishing.  Although am no allowed ma aine license cause  I’ve been bad in the past

Tourist Tam Big Burns Supper

Why should we watch Dumfries TV?

Cause I will come and find you and make ye watch it!!!! Only kidding. Cause its aboot our wee toon and I love oor wee toon and everyone who loves oor wee toon!

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