•• Le Haggis Royale Saturday 22nd at 11pm ••

22 January 2022

What the world needs right now is a bit more Le Haggis.  Titty Von Haggis to be precise.  How is she coping with the new normal? How has lockdown been? The high- octane, five-star award winning cabaret show is back where it belongs. Nestled inside the Spiegeltent in a new streamlined version of the show and a brand-new soundtrack. This new, revised version of the show includes more comedy, capers, and general feel-good vibes. If this doesn’t cheer you up, then you had better check your pulse. Made right here in Dumfries.

Please note as we transition around the impact of Covid-19, audiences should be aware that there is a new seating plan which avoids audiences facing each other. We do not intend making this a permanent change.

Le Haggis includes language and subject matters which some people find offensive. If you are easily offended, you might try one of those other shows.

18 and over.

Masks must be worn unless exempt, eating, drinking, seated or dancing.

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