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Friday 25th January:

6PM: The Mindsweepers

7PM: Strumsum Trio

8PM: The Postcard Band

9PM: Dirty Clap Trap

10:30PM: Ben Rowlands

12:30AM: Soul Junction


Saturday 26th January:

12PM: Liv McDougall

1PM: Paul Winter

3PM: Zig Zag & A Choired Taste

5PM: The Cherry Pinks

6PM: Redfish

7PM: Stoney Broke

8PM: Loose Cargo

9PM: Strumsum Trio

10:30PM: My Little Brother

11:30PM: The Lutras

12:30AM: Hardwicke Circus


Sunday 27th February:

12PM: John and Rhona Carson

1PM: Kasama

2PM: Stoney Broke

3PM: Jukebox Bingo

4PM: Neil Davidson

5PM: MarkIT Zero

6PM: Ben P Stubbs

7PM: Daz McCormack

8PM: Brother to Dance

9PM: Chasin’ The Train

10:30PM: Now That’s What Aye Call 80s


Friday 1st February:

12PM: Hugh Taylor & Moira McCrossan

1PM: Willow Doherty

2PM: Old Friends

3PM: Kate Kyle

4PM: Elia Davidson

5PM: Nae Banter

6PM: Nithville

7PM: Acoustic Rust

8PM: Lewis Ferguson

9PM: Monkey Shoulder

10:30PM: Daddy Naggins

11:30PM: No Soap, No Radio

12:30AM: Jamie Henderson & Diane Little-Moss


Saturday 2nd February:

12PM: Alana Currie

2PM: Samba Sisters

3PM: Bob Hollis

4PM: Loose Cargo Trio

5PM: Strumsum Rhythm and Blues

6PM: SW-ing

7PM: The Tones

8PM: Velvet Ratio

9PM: Russell Stephen

10:30PM: The Black Guards

11:30PM: Russell Stephen

12:30AM: Mustangz Trio

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