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If you are watching our show at home on Facebook, YouTube or on our site, then this planning guide should enable you to enjoy your virtual Burns Supper at home while watching our free show lone.

At 5.30pm get those Neeps and Tatties  in their pots ready to start boiling their way to 7pm.  This may require some peeling!

At 6pm get the Haggis in the oven – you might want to try the local stockists below who will deliver to you in time for Burns Night.  Please note Haggis shooting is restricted under Covid unless you have a license.

At 6.15pm get the Cheese and Biscuits all sorted so that you can watch the show without missing anything.

At 6.25pm bring out your stash of Hand Sanitiser for Auld Lang Syne.  Best to put this in your sporran incase one of the family is offended.

At 6.30pm get yourself dressed in as much Tartan as you can.  We are coming together with the world.  We want to look our best! Keep it clean Tam!

At 6.35pm get one’s Dancing shoes looked out for they will be lots of Dancing after we have scoffed the haggis and got all mushy about our pals.

At 6.45pm get the Whisky and other drinks that can be used as a toast. If you are still on Dry January – reach for the fizzy pop. There will be toasting.  One thing you can be assured of on Burns Night is toasting.

At 6.50pm – Set the Table so you can see the television, or laptop. Load us up on our Website, on Youtube or on our Facebook channel.  Find out how to screen mirror!!

At 6.55pm  Send Reminder Texts to the neighbours and all the family a wee nudge to come and watch with you.

At 7pm Janey Godley’s Big Burns Supper starts at 7pm.  Follow her instructions through the rest of the show.

At 7.01pm Help ma boab!  –  Don’t forget to get the Haggis out the oven so we can parade it up and down the Garden.  This is where your tartan will really help.


Haggis Stockists 

Galloway Family Butchers

J.B Houston


Ballard Butchers (Castle Douglas but delivers to Dumfries)

Kilnford Farm Shop

TH Carson

Grierson Brothers (Castle Douglas but delivers to Dumfries)



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