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You don’t need fancy cameras and sound equiptment to record a video for Lock Down Festival! A mobile phone, a quiet room and some good lighting works just as well.

We’ve put together a few reminders for you to think about when you’re recording your performance. Check them out below!

5 Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional

1. Use Plenty of Light
Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a finished, proffessional video, so make it one of your top priorities during filming. The sun is one of the best light sources for video. If you’re filming in natural light, do your best to get your footage in the morning or evening, when the light is softer.

If you’re filming indoors, you will need to be more intentional about the types of lights you use and where you place them. One thing to avoid is overhead lighting – it can cast unflattering shadows on your subjects’ faces. Windows are a good natural light source. You can also use a large lamp or two to cast the type of light you want.

You can find a short video on how to light here.

2. Prioritize Crisp, Clear Audio
Your audio quality is actually more important than your professional video quality. Most people are willing to watch a video that’s not shot in HD or that’s even a little grainy, as long as everything else about it is good. But fuzzy, indistinct audio is usually enough to make anybody hit the “back” button within a few seconds of starting to play a video.

Capture clear audio by putting your microphone as close to the subject as possible. Be aware of any background noise that your microphone might be picking up, too. It’s easy to tune out things like traffic, birds, and even the noise of the wind, but all of these sounds will be very obvious on your recording.

3. Avoid Shaky Footage
Shaky footage will make any professional video look like a home movie (and it can make your viewers feel seasick, to boot). It’s hard to hold a camera completely steady, so try not to hold your camera at all if you can help it. Instead, use a tripod, or set your camera on a sturdy surface.

Once you’ve got your camera set up, try not to move it unless you have to. Panning around constantly detracts from the professional look of a video. Rather than moving the camera if you have to change perspective, it’s better to cut from one shot to another.

4. Use Your Phone the Right Way
No DSLR camera? No problem. You can use your phone to capture professional video footage – the quality is just fine for most purposes. But there are a few things in mind if you’re going to use your phone for video creation.

a. Use the camera on the back of your phone. The front camera’s quality is not as good on most phones.
b. Record in landscape mode (that is, horizontally instead of vertically). This will give you footage that looks good on larger devices, not just phone screens.
c. If your phone has a feature that allows you to overlay a grid on your screen, use it. This will help you keep your phone level and avoid tilted footage.

You can find a tutorial on how to frame your video, here.

5. Keep Your Editiing Simple
Trying out different effects can be fun during the video editing process, but don’t go too crazy. A simple, clean editing style generally looks most professional. A few things you should be sure to do during the editing stage include:

a. Using noise cancelling to clean up any background noise.
b. Adjusting the lighting a little if you need to.
c. Cutting out awkward pauses and silences.
d. Adding background music and transitions.

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