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25 January 2021

LOKA will be recording a very special tribute to Robert Burns from Dumfries.  We are sure that Rabbie would have loved the idea of a girl band emerging from his town, never mind that some 261 years later they would making a song all about him.

Well that’s exactly what Lynn Cuddihy who sings with the group did, and in doing so she was probably the first lassie to do ever pen a song about the Bard.   That song is called The Ploughman and although it has been played on our festival stages, this will be it’s video premiere to the world.

The Ploughman’s Sang started as a germ of an idea in such a way, but managed to stick enough to nurture it into fruition. The concept was that phrases from Robert Burns’ songs and poems have become commonplace in today’s language. What would happen if we took some of those phrases and arranged them into a song? The result is The Ploughman’s Sang – a tribute to the legacy and life of Robert Burns.

Written in 2017, it includes words and phrases from Burns’ more popular songs and poetry, alludes to Burn’s transient relationships and that we are giving Burn’s the gift of seeing himself as other see him. The melody was written in a minor chord, giving it a traditional sound and harmonies were created by the ladies of LOKA (Lynn Cuddihy, Orla Stairmand, Kat Bailey and Angie Briggs).

LOKA evolved from Dumfries Community Choir after singing at a local wedding in 2016. Since then, they have performed at Carlisle Fringe, Selkirk and Eden festivals and have been regulars at Big Burn’s Supper. LOKA first performed The Ploughman’s Sang during their show at Brigend Theatre in 2018. It was recorded, with Tom Cuddihy on guitar, in 2020 (in accordance with Social Distance guidance) by Dave Miller at his Circa 16 studio.

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