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Volunteering at Big Burns Supper is great fun! 

Every Tuesday we run volunteer drop in sessions in Dumfries town centre.

10.00am – 1pm at Morrisons (Community Room)

5pm – 7pm at St. Georges Church Hall

As we get into September, we will be running lots more sessions so stay tuned.

Anyone can be part of our community – we will need you to register with us an then we will include you in our updates.  We also have a Facebook page which you can join to hear about important updates.

Our main goal is to connect you with our amazing community and hopefully teach you some new skills in the process.  We have a wide range of different volunteer roles that you can take part in.

  • Making (costumes and festival props)
  • Planning (getting in touch with people etc.)
  • Promoting (telling people about our events)
  • Building (making even bigger things with hand tools)
  • Front of House Team (helping people have fun)
  • Stewarding (at our events to make it safe)


What do you get for volunteering?

  • Free entry to festival events (where capacity allows)
  • Invitation to our Festival launch
  • Invitation to our closing party
  • Chance to play your part in a major community event.
  • Incredible Training Programme
  • Opportunity to learn new skills
  • Great way to meet new friends.

If you are interested in finding out more – get in touch with Justin Hyslop by emailing justin@bigburnssupper.com


How you work and timeframes

Making (costumes and festival props)

  • This work is ongoing and has already started
  • You can take costume parts home, or join our making sessions
  • We provide training in all areas as well as all the tools you need.

Planning (getting in touch with people etc.)

  • This work is already happening
  • Led by our Creative Director
  • You can take work home and join the update meeting every week
  • We provide all the training for this.

Promoting (telling people about our events)

  • This team helps organise the launch (September)
  • Start working from launch promoting all the events
  • Full training provided.

Building (making even bigger things with hand tools)

  • This team kicks off in September
  • Usually working on our Make Weekends
  • All tools provided as well as training.
  • In our warehouse

Front of House Team (helping people have fun)

  • This team starts in January at our live events.
  • Role include scanning tickets and providing lots of information for audiences
  • Helping everyone get around.
  • Training begins early January.

Stewarding (keeping people safe)

  • This team helps to steward our outdoor events in January.
  • Likely to be needed across the weekend of 17th – 19th January.
  • Full training provided.
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Volunteering for Big Burns Supper:

•• To sum up the roles we have at the festival, here’s something one volunteer, Angie Briggs, shared with us ••

“Painting, sewing, mopping, sweeping,
Pouring cups of tea.
Scanning, banding (must keep smiling),
Keeping exits free.
Chair stacking, glass washing, lantern-making, sand-bagging,
Toilet cleaning, table waiting, soup making, home baking,
Singing, dancing, lots of laughing,
Just keep going (feet are aching)
BBS is now all over …
What a blast it’s been!”

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