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Fundraising target

We’re aiming to raise £30,000 to stage our carnival in 2021. So far we’ve raised £2,091.09.

£0 £10,000

Preperations have begun for the 2021 carnival!

Originally, carnival was due to be staged in January 2021 as part of the festivals 10th birthday but it will now be staged later in the year.

Our team are pushing ahead through the winter to bring volunteers from across the community together to create the magical community show.

We are recruiting volunteers to help us build the 1200 costimes for school pupils who will get to wear them when the world returns to normal. Dance sessions will be broadcast into schools to sustain the momentum until the show is revealed to the world!

The theme this is year is “Our Town” which will tell the story of Dumfries since the second world war, and has been created by lots of contributions from across the community, some  as far as Canada!

Our volunteers will become part of the Tartan Army, and will work through the winter to create all the costumes for the 2021 spectacle.

Participants will be shown how to make costumes through online videos with artists teaching them skills online and materials will be delivered by local couriers, in boxes with instructions and the tools needed to make them.

Every Wednesday we will be running interactive skills sessions with our artists, including our designer Caitriona McGowan who designs the Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin.

You don’t need experience to take part, anyone who has a couple of hours to spare will be made welcome!

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on 01387 733717 or email diane@bigburnssupper.com

Register to be part of our Tartan Army here.

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