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On the 22nd February at the Loreburn Hall, our trustees approved several material changes to our Articles of Association.  This represents the biggest changes we have ever made to our organisational structure and will make us an eligible body for asset transfer.

You can read about the changes we have made below and review the updated document here

1_updated_Electric Theatre Workshop-art-of-assoc-clg-Feb2023


Name: Changed this to reflect how you are registered on OSCR and ensured your charity and company number are easily accessible.


Clause 11.1, 12 – Qualifications for membership: This sub clause has been added in to ensure you have a minimum of 20 members at any time. Membership has been copied from your existing document but “local authority” was added to ensure that this is clear.


Clause 14-16 – Application for membership: These have been edited to ensure they are compliant with the legislation and that  membership is as open as possible. Moving forward, we will ask that members sign an application form.


Clause 49 and 51 – Procedure at general meetings:We will consider allowing representatives of corporate bodies to be members. Please remove this section if you feel it is unnecessary but this may allow partner organisations to become members.


Clause 50 – Procedure at general meetings: Changed quorum for members at a general meeting to ensure that this enables the organisation but also allows the membership community to be represented in any vote.


Clause 68 – Voting at general meetings: Same as above in clause 49 and 51.


Clause 78 – Minutes of general meetings: Minutes of your meetings to ensure that you are being open and accountable.


Clause 79 – Number of directors:

The maximum directors is 9, the minimum number of directors is 3

Clause 95 – Office bearers: This has been added


Clause 123.1- Procedure at board meetings: This has been added


Clause 147-148 – Minutes of Board meetings: Same as clause 78.


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