•• We didn’t get the Hall! ••

We lost out on the Loreburn Hall because we didn’t offer enough money.
We were out bid by £3k per year, which we feel was the right approach to take in the current economic climate. We do not regret this decision.
We offered the Council a profit share model which we felt was reflective of the level of risk our charity was prepared to take. We stand by this.
We are grateful that Dumfries & Galloway Council recognised that our business plan was better, but in the end our Councillors backed the bid that gave them more money.
£31k more over a ten-year period to be exact.
We accept that this was part of a fair and competitive process but we also ask that people recognise that the two bids were extremely different in their approach.
Our vision was based on helping communities come together through a programme of events and participatory programmes by developing their skills and capacity, whilst boosting the social and visitor economy.
We preferred to see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity for Dumfries & Galloway Council, we’re not quite sure they got that, but we respect the process.
Our thanks go to the tremendous effort of our volunteers, promoters, artists, staff, and board over the last two years and to the partners who were prepared to back us if we got the Hall and of course the thousands of local people who have attended our events.
We are excited to see what Sandy and Simon do with the Loreburn Hall and we are fortunate that two parties were prepared to take on such a massive project for Dumfries.
We wish them aw the best!
Someday soon we will find a home of our own.
We. Are. Community!
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